About Us

The Labia Library is an initiative of Women’s Health Victoria, an independent, feminist, not-for-profit women’s health promotion, advocacy and support service with a history spanning more than 25 years. Our vision is Women living well: healthy, empowered, equal.

After seeing media reports about women seeking female genital cosmetic surgery, we became worried that this type of surgery was increasing because many people have no idea what healthy female genitals actually look like. Just like any other part of the body, women’s vulvas come in all shapes and sizes - but they are hidden away and many people have never even seen their own.

In 2012, we were funded by the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust to develop this website to show the natural diversity of women’s genitals. This website is part of a bigger project that aims to make sure women who are thinking about female genital cosmetic surgery are properly informed and receive care that is safe and based on proper evidence.

This website has been developed with the input of young women and a range of professionals working in women’s health - gynaecologists, psychosexual health specialists, sex educators and general practitioners. 

Photographs are reproduced with kind permission from Show Off Books. Photographs are taken from the book I’ll Show You Mine. Photographs are copyright 2011 Show Off Books. All rights reserved. The photographer was Katie Huisman.